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The most wide-reaching category of them all. If it’s not a person, and it’s not a place, but it still has a unique feel, then it is captured here.

 This could be any “thing” from the most famous sports teams in history (think Jordan-era Bulls), to the different types of architectural styles (Greek and Roman all the way through to Postmodernism), and also all of the miscellaneous items that don’t fit nicely into a subcategory. Browse by type, or search for a term.

Academic related icons

Academic Archetypes

From the leafy quads and preppy style of the Ivy Leagues to the tailgating and infamous keg parties of those big state schools

Illustration of a pyramid scene

Ages, Eras & Periods

All of the nostalgia from your favorite decades along with the great periods of the past that make up history

Icons of different building types


The archetypes of architecture, from the angularity and blockiness of Art Deco to the flowing curves of Art Nouveau

Fashion related icons

Fashion Sense

A collection of the strange trends and nostalgic looks that fashion history has given us over the years

Illustration of a circus scene


Music, feelings, experiences, and anything else that doesn’t fit nicely into one of our other categories!

Illustration of seasonal icons

Season’s Greetings

​The spirit of our seasons, from pumpkin patches in the fall to the magic of Christmas in the winter

Illustration of the moon landing

Seminal Events

Like the moon landing or COVID-19, these events – both positive and negative – have shaped the way we view history

Sports related icons


The famous teams like the ’90s Bulls and the epic rivalries like Yankees – Red Sox that give sports their rich history

Movie related icons


Everything related to moving pictures, including genres, movie trilogies, seminal films, and special effects