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Certain places, famous or otherwise, have very discernable feels to them, with unique elements that instantly identify them to the observer.

It could be a neighborhood, like the West Village in New York City, or it could be an entire category of place not isolated to an individual location, like European old town squares. We’ve grouped them into high level categories, and invite you to browse those larger groupings, or search for a specific place that you have in mind.

America related icons

America the Beautiful

These are the cities, towns, regions and coastlines that make America great, from sea to shining sea

Illustration of Victorian Era England

City & Country Time Capsules

Like San Francisco during the Summer of Love or London during the Victorian Era, some cities have memories that are frozen in time

Illustration of a neighborhood scene

Neighborhoods of Distinction

More than just municipal districts, these neighborhoods – the West Village in NYC, Knob Hill in SF – have a reputation all their own

Illustration of a city skyline

One City, Many Stories

Paris. London. Hong Kong. These cities have so many different elements it’s impossible to pick just one

Illustration of a mountain scene

Places of Distinction

Like gold rush ghost towns, mountain lakes, or charming European old towns, these locations have a unique sense of place

Icons of New York City at Christmastime

That Time of Year In…

Like New York at Christmastime or New England in the fall, these places just have a different feel depending on the season