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Icons of different building types


These are the archetypes of architecture and their elements, like the angularity and colorful bursts of Art Deco, or the flowing curves of Art Nouveau. They are arranged generally by timeline of adoption.

Geometrically-shaped postmodern buildings


The result of a long crawl away from ornament and historical reference which spurred a rebellion against the prude, modern glass box

Tower of a Brutalist building


The name comes from its core material, but could easily be mistaken for a description of this harsh offshoot of modern architecture

International style building in New York

International Style

Out of Europe and into America, this style redefined corporate architecture and gave the world its first look at the “glass box”

Monolithic Art Deco building


Mid-century visions of the future, spurred on by obsession with the Space Race and nuclear power, found their way into an architectural style

Streamline Moderne house

Streamline Moderne

An offshoot of Art Deco that took the blocky right angles of its source and smoothed them out, then took its veritcality and turned it on its side

Monolithic Art Deco building

Art Deco

A style that was very much a reflection of modern methods and thinking, but which still maintained a decorative flair and respect for influences of the past